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Arsenal Advanced Methods

Aerospace & Defense Mechanical Engineering R&D
Metal Additive Manufacturing, Simulation-driven Design & Optimization

230 Bartemus Trail, Nashua NH 03063 / (978) 704-0235 / info@arsenalam.com
Aerospace & Defense Mechanical Engineering
Who we are
Defense Electronics SME
Arsenal Advanced Methods is an Engineering Startup based in Nashua, NH designing innovative solutions for the Defense Electronics sector.

Using Avdanced Technology & Principles such as Metal Additive Manufacturing, Generative Design, Finite Element Analysis and Topology Optimization, Arsenal Advanced Methods creates unique Aerospace structures for the Defense Electronics Industry optimized for weight, thermal and structural performance.
Some of Our Research Projects
Defense Electronics
Arsenal Advanced Methods Provide Engineering R&D Subject Matter Expertise in the Design & Validation of Electronics Defense Systems , including VITA-compliant Single Board Computer Modules, custom RF & Microwave Systems and Complete ATR Chassis Systems.
Harsh Environments
Our Engineers validate designs against typical military shock, vibration and thermal  harsh environments specifications such as MIL-STD-810, RTCA/DO-160, MIL-S-901 using state of the art Finite Element Analysis simulation tools from ANSYS.
Defense Electronics SME
Perfect Understanding of Defense Electronics Standards, Design Practices and Military Environmental Requirements.

Simulation Experts
Decades of Expertise with high-end Finite Element Analysis for shock & vibration, thermal and fatigue analysis.

Additive Manufacturing Pioneers
One of the first company to research Metal Additive Manufacturing applications to Military Embedded Electronics Systems.
Range of Capability
Additive Manufacturing
Generative Design, Topology Optimization, Lattice Structures, Process Simulation.
Product Development
Conceptual design & prototype development, 2D/3D SolidWorks CAD Modeling.
Modeling & Simulation
Finite Element Analysis for shock, vibration, thermal and CFD using ANSYS, Fluent, Icepak, HFSS
Our Offices
Arsenal AM
230 Bartemus Trail
Nashua, NH 03063
(978) 704-0235
Contact Us
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